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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sagada Trip

Sagada Trip

April 13, 2012

1:00 AM - Check-in at Victory Liner Bus Station going to Baguio (455 Pesos fare plus 5 pesos insurance).
7:30 AM - Arrived at Baguio City, went to GL Trans Bus Station Going to Sagada.
9:40 AM - Check-in at GL Trans Bus Station to Sagada (220 Pesos Fare)
3:30 PM - Arrived at Sagada, check-in to George Guest House (800 per night good for 4 people)

At Sagada

-     Went to Yoghurt House for our early Dinner (the cost of each meal is not cheap as what we expected, like restaurant in Manila.120 pesos meal like pasta without drinks).
-    After our early dinner, we went to SAGGAS office to ask check places to visit on our next day and off course we need tour guide.

Food from Yoghurt House

-           After 1 hour of conversation, we able to settle the cost and what to visit.
-         Then we go back to our room and take a shower, after that we went out to check the Lemon Pie House, we ordered lemon pie (your visit to Sagada is not complete if you will not try to taste their popular lemon pie). The taste is good and we also ordered egg pie which is better than lemon pie. (1 box of lemon pie is 180 pesos).

Dessert at Lemon Pie House

-         Then we walked and checked some souvenirs and the cheaper price but best quality. Then we checked-in in a bar (I forgot the name, they played reggae songs and with Bob Marley photos in their wall) to drink one bottle of San Miguel beer light. After that we went back to our rooms and take a rest for tomorrow tour in cave.

April 14, 2012

-         We ate first at Salt and Pepper resto (breakfast meal, 90 pesos) before we start our cave connection.

-         After our breakfast we went to SAGGAS office to meet our tours guide (Kuya Dalifer), we walked until we reach the Lumiang Cave, then we started our Spelunking adventure. Started at Lumiang Cave and ended to Sumaguing Cave. I must say, we survived the cave connection, inside the cave was amazing and must try again in our next visit. We are tired after the cave connection, but the tours must go on, heheheh. Then, we tried their own version of Halo-Halo (with strawberry and blueberry). Then we go back to our room. Before we start our afternoon tours, we ate first at Lemon Pie House for our lunch (we tried chicken meal, the taste is just good).

Sumaguing Cave
Lumiang Cave

Lumiang Cave
Lumiang Cave


                                  Lumiang Cave

     Afternoon, we first visit Echo Valley, saw some tombs and hanging coffins. Then we walked back until we reached the Bokong Falls (water is cold and people started to dive). After that we went to Lake Danum (the place is very relaxing and you wanted to stay until sunset). Before we went back to our room, we visit the Pottery and we saw how they make a pot and take note they speak English when they explain how they create pot.


Ace - Hadi - Peter

Echo Valley

Echo Valley

Lake Danum

Lake Danum with Caradale (From Baguio)

with Kuya Dalifer (tour guide)

Bokong Falls

-         After we ate for our dinner, we went to souvenirs shops to buy pasalubong. Then we ate at George Guest House, food was better and like all the food that we ordered and the cost is very cheap, must try, believe me.

-         Cave Connection – 400 pesos per head. For Sumaging Cave only 500 pesos maximum of 5 persons with tour guide.
-         Echo Valley, Bokong Falls, Pottery and Lake Danum – cost 900 pesos for van maximum of 8 persons and 400 pesos for the tour guide.

April 15, 2012

-         We wake up early and we did not take breakfast just to witness the sunrise at Kiltepan Peak. Amazed and took some photos, we joined in a group of girls just to saved cost for the van and tour guide. After our Kiltepan tour, we went back to our room at George Guest House and we ordered food for our breakfast. After we ate, we take shower to prepare for our long trip going back to Manila. 500 pesos for van and 300 pesos for tour guide (maximum of 8 persons.)

Breakfast at George Guest House

-         First trip,  9:30 AM from Sagada to Bontoc (1 hour ride by jeep, cost is 45 pesos per head).

-         10:30 AM from Bontoc to Baguio (5 hours ride by bus (D’ Rising Start), cost is 216 pesos per head).
-         When we reach Baguio we went to Baguio Public Market to buy pasalubong after that we checked-in in Saulog Bus Station (cost 457 pesos per head until Manila and 485 pesos until Cavite).

This trip is very memorable because we able to accompanied one of our TB friend from Singapore and also y first time to visit Sagada and it was amazing. Thanks to TB’s members Hadi and Peter. Until next time guys….  :)

Tip: Joined to the group or went to Sagada with at least 5 persons to save cost for your tour in Sagada.

Thanks to Hadi for giving me a permission to share his photos in this blog.

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