Earth Hour

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Earth Hour - Worldwide Celebration

Earth Hour - Worldwide Celebration

Every people are encouraged to participate and pledge in Earth Hour. In Philippines we celebrated Earth Hour in many cities including Manila, Cebu and Davao. I've attended the event in Metro Manila at Ayala Triangle Makati City organized by WWF Philippines. WWF Phillipines supported Earth Hour together with the other public/private organization around our Country. Some organization have their own booth and provided some giveaways for all the attendee of the event.

Some people are wearing statement t-shirts, mine is "I like it when the Lights are Off". The event started around 7:00 PM and the lights turn-off at exactly 8:30 PM and will last for an hour.

Who attended the events: Youngs and Youngs at hearts. Foreigners and Citizens. Hosted by WWF-Philippines National Ambassador Rovilson Fernandez and Joan. 

Before the lights turn-off, Some inspirational messages was delivers by our President and Vice-President and also the founder of Earth Hour Andy Ridley. Youths serenades people by their beautiful songs and amazing dance number.

After the lights off, all candles are lights-up.

Thanks for those people who participated in this event and pledge for he benefits of our mother Earth.

"I will if You will" 

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