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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

1st DPA InterBatch Basketball League

1st DPA InterBatch Basketball League
July 29, 2012

After 13 years, we stepped in again in our high school Alma Mater Del Pilar Academy. We remembered things we shared, places we hangouts, teachers we really missed and changes happened to the school after 13 years. 

Why we went to Delpa? Because of the Inter Batch Basketball League, to support our batch ’99 basketball team (Dream Team). And who are the supporters? If I’m not mistaken we are only 5 namely (Julia, Jessica, Catleah, Lyjie and Me).

All though it is raining the program continue and the show must go on what ever happens and like what organizers said “This is a Blessings”. We all agreed with the organizers and amazed to all former students in different batches came and witness this first ever event.

Our Batch ’99 Basketball Players

1. Paul John Pallera
2. Albert Gawaran
3. Noel Reyes
4. Felben Binaday
5. Rhoel Abueg
6. Harlee Magno
7. Rommel Dichoso
8. Vhong Rivas
9. Paul John Gracilla
10. Jaydee Alcoba
11. Glenn Albesa
12. Mark Libanan
13. Adrian MariƱo
14. June Arvin Sauler
15. Leminshon Mitra
16. Jayar Enderina

First Game: We won against Batch 2009
Standing: 5 – 2

Game Schedules:

August 5           – Batch ’99 VS Batch 2000 (Score 31 - 41)
August 12         – Batch ’99 VS Batch 2001 (Score 51 - 48)
August 19         – Batch ’99 VS Batch 2006 - (Score 50 - 52)
August 26         – Batch ’99 VS Batch 2002 - (Score 55 - 47)
September 2    – Batch ’99 VS Batch 2008 - (Scores 62 - 54)
September 9    – Batch ’99 VS Faculty Staff - (win by default)

Semi Finals:
Batch '99 VS Batch 2008 (Twice to beat advantage batch '99)
Date: September 16, 2012 at 8:00 AM - First Game. - lost
Date: September 23, 2012 at 8:00 AM - First Game. - lost

We bagged the Third Place against Batch 2002. Congrats to all the players of Batch '99 and to all the supporters. And to PJ Pallera for being chosen as one of the mythical five.

Thanks to the organizers (DPAAI – Del Pilar Academy Alumni Association Inc.) for this successful project to gather all batch members by putting up a basketball game league and to our DPA Principal Ma’am Lorina Garcia Advincula (one of the well loved teacher in our batch).

Hope we could have a grand reunion for our batch ’99. Where are the batch class organization officers?

Batch '99


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I've watched the Fourth game (August 19, 2012) with high school bath mates, At first I know Batch 99 will win over batch  2006. But I was wrong, although same energy for both team but they have different strategy. I think on the next game the team should learned from the past game in terms of offense and strategy in time of tied game and you have less than a minute and in offense. But nevertheless, that was a nice game and I know that the team is happy what ever happened and off course their batch supporters. 

Sixth game, Batch '99 won against Batch 2008 - it was a toughed game although some players of batch '99 concluded that they will not win in that game. Why? because batch 2008 is one of the best team in the competition. But what we said that everything is possible just have faith and believe in their strength and team effort. 

Team Standings:

TEAMS    W    L
2000         4     0
2008         3     1
2001         2     2
1999         4     2
fs               2     2
2002         1     3
2009         1     3
2006         1     3


  1. Thanks Bro! will update this blog for our batch '99 happenings .