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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Running Experienced.

My Running Experienced

I’ve started to make running and jogging as my weekly exercise last August 2010, and who encourage me to join fun run and make the weekly run/jog possible? my officemates, before every fun run schedule we make sure we practice running/jogging at Bonifacio High Street after office work.  

List of Fun Run I’ve joined.

Year: 2010

Rexona Run 2010
Figaro Run
Finex Run 2010
Unilab Run Leg 2 2010
Adobo Run After Dark
Milo Marathon 2010
Cebu Marathon 2010

Year: 2011

Condura Skyway Marathon – Run for the Dolphins
Unilab Run Leg 1 2011
Goldilocks Fun Run
NatGeo Fun Run
Run for Japan
Hyundai Run 2010
I Race Against Hunger
Rexona Run 2011
HP Fun Run
Unilab Run Leg 2 2011
AXN Fun Run
Saphire Fun Run
Energizer Run 2011
Upcoming Run:
Unilab Run Leg 3 2011
Red Cross A Million Volunteer Run
Milo Marathon 2011

-          And what is the most memorable experienced in all the fun run I’ve joined? The Condura Skyway Marathon, why? Because in that event I was interviewed by one of the GMA 7 reporter, they ask me about why I joined. Secret, hehehehe. Just watch the video by using the link below.
It makes me happy when I finished the race. I was able to encourage some of my colleagues from my current work. I feel flattered that they all happy when we joined fun run and have a weekly run/jog activities.

Adding our Unilab Run United 3 photos, this is the last Unilab last leg for this year. One of the most popular fun run event here in the Philippines. The fun run was very organized and this is not possible without the help of the organizer RUNRIO. Hoping for best every year. 

MILO Marathon 2011

Great things start from small beginnings.

Growing up, reach early for your dreams.

Face the day. It's a new challenge. A chance to be better.

A chance to become your dreams.

Growing up with Olympic Energy.

Growing up, with Milo! Milo everyday!

-Milo Marathon Run on December 11, 2011 at MOA.

I finished 21KM before the cut-off time of 2 hours and 30 minutes

Race Results for Milo Marathon 2011 Manila Finals


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